Halloween on the Hill


While we love all holidays, Halloween is just a little bit more special when your business resides in a haunted mansion.  It was so much fun to decorate with cobwebs, shadows, and “haunted” portraits.  Local “Ghost Hunter” Patrick Bishop helped to introduce the family of Deep Creek Vintage to our “friends.”  We spent several afternoons crowded around a computer while we listened to EVP recordings that had been taken. The results were spooky to say the least.  These adventures were also opened up to the public, who were able to book a nightly tour and capture EVP recordings of their own.  Want to know what voices we captured? I guess you will have to book a tour next year!  But suffice it to say that even when the last customers leave each day, we are not feeling lonely.


We also held a Halloween Spooktacular and teamed up with local award-winning winery Mattaponi Wineries.  It was a night of great fun!  Many of our vendors came out for the night, some even in costume.  Customers new and old came to visit the haunted house on the hill, and many brought home items they found at amazing prices during our sale.  We even had a tarot card reader come and offer free readings.  Everyone who got a reading felt she was pretty accurate, and a lot of fun! We love being able to share the house with our customers, and look forward to more fun-filled events!


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